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The Most Widespread Mobile OS

Android has over a billion users, more than any other mobile operating system. The open-source OS is available on many different smartphones and tablets, as well as wearables, appliances, and other devices. We employ android developers across all major manufacturer devices, including Samsung, HTC, Motorola, LG, and more. The mobile OS powers over 4,000 unique device models from hundreds of manufacturers. Developing an android app with an established android app development company gives you the ability to reach a diverse set of consumers, professionals, gamers, and technology enthusiasts.

Access to Millions of Smartphone Users

Both Android software and hardware are rapidly changing and evolving over time. Because of its open-source nature, hardware manufacturers are able to tweak the OS to suit their own hardware. Zco's Android developers pride themselves on staying ahead of the curve when it comes to Android technology. When you choose Zco as your android apps developer, you are partnering with proven innovators and technology experts in this space.

Established Android App Developers

Zco has offered Android app development services since the creation of the OS. Our engineers possess years of experience with Java, the programming language used to create native Android apps. As a leading Android development company, We've created branded apps, games, enterprise platforms, and AR/VR apps for clients running the gamut. Our customers rely on our experience in this area as one of the foremost Android developers in the industry to help them produce unmatched software for the platform.

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Natively coded Android applications are written in Java, a well-established language that provides access to countless software libraries and utilities. As a result, apps can include a wide variety of functionality using pre-existing code. You don’t have to reinvent the wheel when you add more functions to Android software. Java code is also easily portable to other platforms, enhancing the reusability of the source code.

Open Source

Android is an open source operating system, meaning its internal software components are available to developers. Because of their long experience working with the OS, our Android programmers have learned to take advantage of this fact, optimizing our clients' code to take advantage of the latest OS features. We build our apps to be fast, efficient, fluid, and scalable.

Android Studio

Google maintains its own development environment, Android Studio. With regular updates and advanced compilation and debugging tools, Android Studio represents the industry standard for a modern Android app development company on Google's OS. Our android app developers' experience working in this environment allows our clients to fully harness the full power of Google's platform.

Wide Support

Android is the most widely used mobile operating system in the world by an overwhelming margin in Android development services. Android devices range from phones and tablets, all the way to home appliances and in-car infotainment systems. Because of its ubiquity, developing Android mobile apps ensures your software will have a huge potential audience.

Google Services Integration

Many apps rely on Google’s powerful suite of tools, platforms, and applications. Because these services can be accessed by a single account Google account, Android allows developers to seamlessly integrate their app with Google Drive, Maps, Docs, and many other applications.

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