Last night we had the honor of hosting a 603 Networking event at our facility in the Nashua Millyard Technology Office Park. The 603 Networking group is the largest New Hampshire-only group on LinkedIn. Its members are people living or working in New Hampshire and its function is primarily for business and personal networking purposes. To register or learn more about the group, visit them on LinkedIn here.

Zco Account Executive Mark Lynch presents to a 603 Networking audience

Our Account Executive Mark Lynch, who is a LinkedIn consultant in his free time, gave a great presentation on “How to Maximize Your LinkedIn Presence”. Some of his tips included:

Use a Clear, Current Profile Picture

Use a clear, professional headshot.

Zooming out can make it difficult to see who is in the picture. Not having any picture or an outdated one makes it difficult for someone to get to know you. Think about which of these images draw your attention the most. It’s usually the clear, professional headshots that are the best option!

Give Your Headline Some Flair

Put more information than your job title in your headline.

Name, Title, Company, BORING! It also makes you a little harder to find. Use some descriptive keywords like the image example above. Tell people what makes you interesting!

Add Contact Information

Fill out as much as you can in the content field section of your profile, but also if you want people to email or call you – make it easy for them by including it in the summary of your profile.

Add Some Color and Build Your Personal Brand

Add any training you’ve done, articles you’ve written, and most importantly a summary! The summary will help visitors learn about your personality and the keywords in it will help them find you.

Engage Others

Share stuff, like things, recommend people! The more you do, the more exposure you’ll get. Try to consider less self-centric activities and focus more on what your connections might like to see.

At the same time, update your profile bit by bit. Each time you do, your connections are notified in their feeds.

This was our second 603 event and we look forward to hosting more in the future! For now, I should go work on my boring LinkedIn headline, and maybe try to pawn off all the leftover cheese from the event on my co-workers… thank you to everyone who attended!