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5 Best Mobile App Wireframe Tools of 2020

Creating wireframes is an important part of the mobile app development process and dictates how the app will be developed and what technologies will work best to support it. Mobile app wireframe tools will help you form the structure of your app. Before going deeper into the topic, we have to discuss what wireframes are and why they are essential for mobile app projects.

Revolution of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Business

The Revolution of AI and ML in Business

With the revolution of AI and ML in business, it’s more important than ever to uncover what Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning mean. As the names suggest, the central premise is to teach an embedded device or minicomputer how to accomplish tasks on its own and to understand requests, work with the data being provided and understand that data to reach a decision or result.

Use of VR and AR Technology in Business

Benefits of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality in Business [2020]

There was a time not so long ago when the promise of immersive augmented reality experiences with practical applications seemed like a failed pipedream. The equipment of the time was slow, unattractive, and relegated to little more than a novelty that few people could experience. Times have changed. Let’s uncover the new augmented reality use in business. 

Notable Devices from CES 2019

It’s the time of year again where tech manufacturers, gadget aficionados, and the media converge on Las Vegas to explore the bleeding edge of consumer electronics. From flexible phones and tablets to gigantic televisions, let’s look at some of the noteworthy tech that debuted this month at CES 2019. Ultra-Ultra-Wide Monitors At what point do…

Mobile App Testing Process Explained

Testing a mobile application is an important process that mobile apps undergo before their release to the public. Rigorous quality assurance testing is necessitated by the growing variety of mobile devices with different screen sizes, resolutions, processing power, operating systems, and networks. The mobile app testing process is crucial to validate if the app performs…

TechBabble: Five Fateful Consequences of Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency went from radical software-based cash to an entire industry and market in just a few years’ time. In this episode of TechBabble, we’re going to examine five consequences of the crypto’s meteoric rise — and sometimes catastrophic collapses. TechBabble is a web series dedicated to understanding tech trends and discussing how they influence our…

Three Takeaways From Apple’s 2018 Event

For Apple fans, last week’s event in the Steve Jobs Theater was a yearly tradition keeping in line with the tech giant’s previous hardware announcements. The mid-generation refresh was expected, and the swirl of rumors surrounding the event turned out to be largely true. But while amateur sleuths knew what was coming down the pike…

What Do Great App Ideas Have in Common?

The success of a mobile app on the market depends on many different factors and variables. Everything from the timing of its launch to influencer endorsements can make or break an application. If you’re planning on developing an app, it’s useful to examine successful apps that came before yours and determining what qualities they share.…