Turning everyday business work into productive engagement for employees is challenging. Gamification of enterprise apps is one solution that has emerged in recent years.

So why is gamification gaining so much popularity? With strategic planning and careful design, a business environment can enhance productivity and gain long-term benefits with the help of enterprise gamification apps.

One of the most important things to understand while developing an enterprise gamification application is that a quality result cannot be earned through brute force. An interesting method has to be developed to achieve a great result in a desired manner. This is where gamification comes into play. It allows the app user to get engaged, motivated, and achieve results with reward points, which in turn help to accomplish organizational goals.

When employee potential is unlocked, the whole organization benefits from maximum productivity.

Developing an enterprise gamification app follows a similar process as any other app:

  • Identify the User: To design an enterprise gamification app, you must first understand the workforce. Analyze the hierarchy of roles and find out what inspires individuals and teams. Keep in mind that employees can be motivated by different things.
  • Align Goals: It’s nice to imagine that employees want only what’s best for the company, but the truth is that everyone has individual goals and aspirations. Once personal goals can contribute to organization objectives, motivating workers becomes almost automatic.
  • Introduce Game Dynamics: Games use elements like reward points, level achievements, and badges to keep people playing. When business apps include similar ingredients, employees have specific, incremental goals to reach for. Achieving success in various game dynamics is a reflection of increased productivity and progress toward organizational goals.
  • Monitor Progress: Deploying any app is an ongoing process. Analyzing how employees use a gamified app can suggest improvements. Is the “game” helping to foster friendly competition? Are the game goals properly aligned with real-world productivity goals?
  • Measure Success: When all is said and done, an enterprise app should benefit your organization in some way. A boost in morale is great; if your people are more productive as a result, even better. See if your goals were achieved, as well as unforeseen benefits or complications.

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