Best Smallest Smartphones Available Today

These days, smartphone users generally prefer bigger screens, and manufacturers and mobile software developers have been moving in this direction for some time. For some users, however, bigger doesn’t always mean better. There’s a range of smaller screen smartphones on the market that are equally powerful as their bigger screened siblings. So, for those looking…


Top 10 App Marketing Tools for Mobile Success

When you’re launching an app for iOS or Android, you need to adopt marketing strategies and tools to stay ahead of your competition. With so many marketing options and services available, you’ll need to choose a solution that suits your project. We’ve created a list of professional app marketing tools for those looking to move…


Top Sports Betting Apps

A recent decision handed down from the United States Supreme Court has ushered in a new era of digital sports betting. Fans of traditional sports betting, as well as other fantasy variants, now have the freedom to choose from many sports betting and wagering apps that are now on the market.


How Do Free Apps Make Money

These days, people are obsessed with the products and services they get free of cost, and mobile apps are no exception. It seems that most apps on the market are free to download and use. According to reports, global free mobile app downloads reached 253.91 billion in 2017. But how do companies that offer free…


Google Embraces the Age of AI at IO 2018

There was a particular segment during Google’s 2018 IO keynote that, even for those with no technical understanding of artificial intelligence, made the hair stand up on the back of your neck. It was a conversation between a hair salon receptionist and an unidentified customer. The customer was trying to find a suitable time for…


Advantages of Game Development in HTML5

Advantages of Game Development in HTML5 Games are one of the most common ways people interface with their mobile devices, and online connectivity has only made mobile games more popular. People spend a great deal of time navigating the web from their browsers on both desktop and mobile devices. In addition to powering most of…


Top 3D Modeling Apps for Mobile Creativity

The world of digital design has changed dramatically over the years as it's evolved to the changing industry's needs. There are many 3D modeling apps on the market nowadays which cater to the specific requirements of industries such as mechanical design, product design, graphic design and architectural design. These apps are constantly improved and expanded… Details